The Story of Joyful Women Organization (JOYWO)


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JOYWO is Kenyan registered non-governmental organization (NGO) . It  was created with the aim of   empowering Kenyan women economically and improve house-hold food security among them through supporting their participation in livelihood projects.  Its objective Objectives is to offer micro-credit facilities towards livelihood projects by grass-roots women. One of OYWO flagship projects has been offering financial resources to women to take part in economically gainful projects through what is known as table-banking.


JOYWO was started in 2009 in Uasin Gishu with the sole aim of enhancing livelihood well being of women farmers through a multi-faceted gender inclusive concept.

Rachael Ruto

The deputy president’s wife Rachel Ruto has been outstanding in support of the organization and was in fact  the one  who initiated a successful  JOYWO) in Eldoret North. Sometimes back, she had said that   the group would reach out and help small business urged women to form an umbrella organization that can effectively represent business groups in rural areas.

Other Objectives

JOYWO seeks to facilitate acquisition of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills by women for effective involvement in livelihood projects. It aims to strengthen the capacity of grass-roots women groups for effective participation in economic, social and governance affairs. It also seeks to support access to markets for products and produce from women’s livelihood projects.


JOYWO envisions a society in which every woman enjoys all basic human needs. It has a mission of supporting women’s participation in sustainable livelihood activities

Other Projects

JOYWO addresses issues like access to markets for economically gainful projects, improving growth of women’s small-scale businesses into large scale investments and finally strengthening identification and incubation of diverse livelihood projects. This intervention scope sets JOYWO on trajectory to realization of its mission.


The organization receives funding from various organizations and companies, notably KCB, Hivos people unlimited, United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) and National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).




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